On being an artist.

I like semantics. I’m often accused of belaboring the debate over the proper way to articulate an argument or point, getting hung up on adhering to technical definitions. For me inaccuracy is like a rough edge or wrinkle that must be smoothed out, and my mind cannot proceed until it has been addressed. I do this, perhaps, to a fault. For example, take this recent conversation with my Mom and Neice.

Niece: Grammy says you’re an artist.
Me: That’s not necessarily true.
Niece: You’re not good at drawing?
Me: Not so much anymore, you don’t stay good at drawing if you don’t practice. I certainly wouldn’t say I’m an artist.
Mom: Wait a minute, you’re a graphic artist.
Me: No I’m a designer there’s a difference.
Mom: Oh, you’re going to be all technical about it.
Niece: Do you want to look at my painting?

I realize it would have sufficed to simply say “Yes. That’s a pretty painting.” (And I did!) But I’m awkward with children and all this makes me sound like a jerk, I know. This brings me to my larger handy-wavy semantic point though which is this: I think it’s important to explore the relationship and difference between designers, artists, and technicians. More on this later.